Word on the Street

BTR (bee tee ahr) noun. An acronym that stands for Baseline Turnover Ratio. A way to see just how many turnovers that spawns from the baseline drive.

Usage example: “The Phoenix Suns with Steve Nash on the bench has a terrible BTR, with almost +10 per game.”

Word history: Coined by LBK‘s coach: Johannes. To be used at practice, to show his players how much damage the baseline drive does. When you get trapped behind the backboard, with no place to go.

The shorts read as follows: TO = Turnover. TP2 = Turnover 2-pointer (turnover result in 2 points for defending team). TP3 = Turnover 3-pointer (turnover result in 3 points for defending team). RiP = Result in Points (Baseline drive gives points)

Megan Hogg drives the baseline and are sure to get a BTR +1. I mean, come on …Indianola’s defender looks like she’s on steroids!


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