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Word on the Street


Casper (kas-per) noun. Casper’d (kas-perd) The name of a fictional cartoon character, Casper the friendly ghost. When used in basketball, it means that a player been blocked by an invicible opponent. Something the commentators or team mates in streetball yells out when you get blocked or miss the wide open layup.

Usage example: ” LeBron steals the ball, and run the fastbreak, the court is open… Whack! He blows a wide open dunk, that boy just got Casper’d!”

Word usage: Just think back to your pickup league and the players that has come and gone. In my league one player comes to mind… Amare. This dude is a stright up stand still shooter, which means bad things happens when he tries to drive the lane. More then once he has been on the other side of a Casper. Free lane and airball! WTF??

Dr. Fuc(n)k… Bad player or victim of Casper?


You didn’t think I would leave you without the original Casper intro…?


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